Before you complete the contact form, lets see if we can help with some frequently asked questions

Course Dates and Locations: If you want to know upcoming course dates and locations, you can find them online, simply click here

Course Address: The address of the course will be provided within the Enrolment Confirmation email, we do not provide the course address until you have enrolled into the course.

Course Times: All courses are delivered face to face over 6 hours + breaks.  Courses commence at 8:15am and are generally finished by 3:00pm.

Course Categories and Prices: If you want more information on course categories or prices. you can find them online; simply click here

Enrolments: All enrolments are done online via our website; if you would like to enroll into a course simply click here

Enrolment Confirmation: Upon completion of your online Enrolment you will receive two emails from us, one will be a payment confirmation of your deposit and the other will be your Enrolment Confirmation which will have all of the course details; please ensure that you locate and read the Enrolment Confirmation email as there are important details contained; If you cannot locate the Enrolment Confirmation email please check your Junk and Spam Folders.

What do I need to bring on the day: All you will need to bring on the day of the course will be the outstanding balance of your course costs and photo ID, consisting of either a valid 18+ Card / QLD Drivers License or Australian Passport.

How do I make payment: The balance of payment can be paid on the day of the course; instructions for this will be provided on your Enrolment Confirmation after you enroll, please check your Junk and Spam Folders if you do not receive this email straight away.

Age Restrictions: Minors between the age of 11 to 17 years of age can do the course but must be accompanied by a parent of guardian.

Weapons Licensing Enquiries: If your inquiry relates to Queensland weapons licensing eligibility or the application process please direct your enquiry to Queensland Weapons Licensing directly on 07 3015 7777 or via their website.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received less than 72-hours prior to the course commencement attract a $95.00 administration fee (retention of deposit paid).   Cancellations received with more than 72-hours prior to the course commencement attract a $30.00 administration fee (retained from deposit).  All cancellation advice must be received by email to the workshop contact and refunds will be processed within 7-days from receipt of bank details.

Re-scheduling Policy: Re-scheduling of course bookings is not facilitated; re-scheduling of courses can only be done by re-enrolling into the desired course and following the cancellation process for the existing booking.

If you have any questions which are not able to be addressed via the above options please complete the form below and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible, alternatively you can call our office on 07 4602 0938.

Disclaimer: All information is kept secure and will not be shared or sold to any third party.